Batman Merges With a Venom Symbiote in Terrifying DC Marvel Mashup Art

New fan art imagines a horrifying Marvel & DC crossover where Batman merges with the Venom symbiote to become the creature BatVenom.

Newly released fan art shows a horrific crossover between DC’s Batman and Marvel’s Venom. Both characters are icons in their respective universes, standing out as quintessential anti-heroes. They can most recently be seen in The Batman and Venom: Let There Be Carnage, respectively.

Both Batman and Venom are characters who need little introduction. Batman is the world’s greatest detective who hails from Gotham City and battles criminals through a mixture of wits, brawn, and high-tech gadgetry. The Venom Symbiote, meanwhile, is an alien creature who falls to Earth and bonds with Spider-Man before eventually finding a long-term host in the form of Eddie Brock. While Batman is firmly a hero, Venom has frequently oscillated between villain and anti-hero in the pages of Marvel Comics, sometimes battling Spider-Man, while other times teaming up with him to battle more significant threats in the Marvel universe.


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Given the fact that Batman and Venom are two of the most iconic characters in Marvel and DC lore, it is not uncommon to find fan art of either character. That said, Instagram user housefomat has taken to Instagram to share a new piece of fan art, combining the characters into one (seemingly very dangerous) combination. Check it out below.

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The above image provides an image of what would happen if Batman found himself partnered with (or overtaken by) the Symbiote. The figure in the image looks very similar to the traditional Venom character, complete with a horrific mouth full of razor-sharp teeth. However, he also has the pointy ears of The Caped Crusader and iconic Batman symbol on his chest. It’s an incredibly unique art piece, made even more unique due to the fact that Batman and Venom have never had any significant Marvel/DC crossovers with one another beyond non-canon battles in video games over the years.

Of course, all of this raises questions about what a potential crossover between Batman and Venom could look like in canon. While it may seem unlikely, it’s not necessarily impossible, as some forces behind both franchises have suggested a Marvel/DC movie crossover could happen some day. In terms of seeing it come together in live-action, there’s always the possibility of getting someone like Andy Serkis (who is part of the live-action Batman and Venom franchises) to help bring those properties together. That said, while there is always a possibility that this could happen, it likely will not happen for a very long time.

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