Anupamaa, 2nd May 2022, Written Update: Anupama and Anuj get engaged

In today’s episode, Vanraj spots Anupama’s name on the puzzle and taunts Anuj for not finding it before him. Bapuji tells Vanraj that there’s no use in finding Anupama’s name in the puzzle as he never really noticed her in their span of marriage and asks Anuj and Anupama to continue with the game. They find each other’s names and every family member’s as well. Malvika tells that it’s time for the engagement to be done and then goes to get the rings. She panics on not finding the engagement rings and tells everyone. Everyone gets shocked. Malvika and Bapuji suspect Vanraj and blame him. He tells he didn’t do it as he wouldn’t stoop that low as well. 

Meenu comes and tells that she has the rings as she was protecting them. Malvika sighs with relief and thanks her and then asks the couple to exchange the rings. Vanraj tells he never thought Anupama will be wearing a diamond ring. Anuj tells Anupama will get a lot of unexpected things from now on since she’s with him. Malvika smirks and tells Anuj to read his poem first. Anuj reads out his poem and Anupama becomes happy. 

Malvika asks them to exchange the rings now and they go ahead and do that. Everyone claps for them except Vanraj, Baa and Kavya. Kanta comes and offers sweets to Baa. Baa tells her that by offering sweets Anupama’s life won’t be sweet as she has cursed her happiness. Kanta tells her to take her curse back or else she might have to become like Goddess Durga and not spare her. Baa pushes Kanta’s hand and the sweet falls on a tulsi plant and Kanta smiles. Baa gets angry and Anuj and Anupama hug each other.

This episode has been watched on the channel’s OTT platform.

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