Anupama- Namaste America, 3rd May 2022, Written Update: Anupama is pregnant

In today’s episode, Vanraj comes home and thinks that it’s late so Anupama won’t be able to reach the embassy. Vanraj asks Leela about Anupama and she tells him that Anupama went to the embassy with Bapuji. Anupama and Bapuji get stuck in the traffic jam and they wonder what to do since they’re already late. Bapuji asks Anupama to get down and go to the embassy. 

A girl wearing Lord Krishna’s disguise comes and shows Anupama the way to reach the embassy. Anupama thanks her. Vanraj and Leela ask Dolly if she’s fine with marrying Sanjay. Dolly agrees. Anupama and Bapuji come home and she tells that she failed the interview. Vanraj and Leela get happy and Anupama thinks that she failed Vanraj’s efforts as he helped her so much. Vanraj smiles and thinks that his plan worked. He calls his boss and informs him that Anupama said she failed the interview. The boss tells that the results aren’t officially out yet and asks Vanraj if he only doesn’t want to send her to America. Vanraj feels embarrassed. 

After two weeks, the Shahs make arrangements for the wedding. Ritika meets Vanraj and flirts with him. He asks her not to come near him. She tells him that she’s going to the US and will be back soon as she knows that he’ll want her more. Anupama faints and is taken to the hospital. The doctor tells Anupama that she’s pregnant. Moti Baa and her becomes happy. Vanraj’s boss calls him and tells him that Anupama’s visa got approved. Leela also learns this and gets angry. Anupama asks the doctor if she can travel abroad and dance. The doctor tells her yes and Anupama gets happy.

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