Amrapali, Bengaluru girl who gave Basava Vachans a folk-rock flavour | Bengaluru

Amrapali Shindhe, a 25 years old singer-songwriter from Bengaluru, is fast emerging as a youth icon from namma city with an unmatched voice, command over notes and an enchanting persona that she left singing sensation Kylie Minogue spellbound. The young singer recently won the ‘International Icon’ Season 2, where she was judged by Kylie and will now get an opportunity to perform in an album with her. 

International Icon is a distinctive international music talent show that fosters a mentorship experience for the finalists with renowned international artists. During the post-finale shoots when Amrapali was asked how she felt when she won the title of International Icon she said, “I was surprised because I have faced a lot of rejection and failure and this was not expected.” 

Winning the International Icon contest is quite an achievement, so what’s next for this young girl? “I am still young at heart, mind and most certainly my music and I have a long way to go but if I was to state my ultimate goal it would be to perform at the Royal Albert Hall in the United Kingdom as I have seen my Idol (Adele) perform there and as a kid. When I visited this place, it was that moment I knew that one day thousands of people would be here just to watch me perform one day,” she states. 

Her genres include Soul, jazz, pop, and rock. Her first album “Basava in You” was an instant hit, where she was the first person to sing Basava Vachana’s in folk-rock, at the age of 15. After which she won the “Radio Indigo Glam Jam” with her band “Aalap”, and continued to win school and college fests alongside. Being a student from “Swarnabhoomi academy of music” Amrapali has performed on “Radio One “and “Radio Mirchi”. 

“The decision to enter the music industry was never easy, as being a female musician, you are always being schooled so many things, whether it is about looks, weight, or clothes.” But Amrapali broke those barriers and made her name at a very young age. She comes from a family of artists which explains her talent, but just like any other success story, she feels the music industry, irrespective of India or elsewhere is a cutthroat line of work and requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

Amrapali has been on various reality shows on Indian Television, such as The Voice, Dil Hain Hindustan, and The Stage. Her first big break was when she got the opportunity to open for Arijit Singh with a crowd of around 7000 people. Media gave her the title of ‘prodigy’ during her initial years of grind in the industry and she has only been living up to the reputation she built for herself ever since. 

The passion and exuberance Amrapali takes along with her are most certainly unique and inspiring. She is also a great believer in providing justice to the creation and says, “to create music or anything else for that matter, one has to stem from the spark of passion that drives you to work, rain or shine, till you create something that strikes a deep and heartfelt chord in the heart of people.” 

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