Ajith Kumar- An invisible generous man and the BO king; 5 lesser-known facts about the Kollywood star

Ajith, one of the biggest stars in Tamil cinema, turns 51 today, May 1 and fans are showering him with best wishes and love on social media. Fondly called Thala by his fans, Ajith has a number of hits in his credit and all that has brought fame and stardom for him. Suave, honest, and hardworking are synonyms for Ajith or usually tagged to his name. One of the most sought after film icons, Ajith started his career in the industry on a very humble note and today, is the biggest name in Tamil Nadu. 

His stardom is unmatchable. In fact, actors like Rajinikanth, Ajith, Vijay, MGR, Sivaji, Kamal Haasan own mega-stardom like no other. They are irreplaceable for the decades to come! The way they connected to the audience, built that mega loyalty, I don’t see anything such sort of happening in the future. Do you agree? 

Today, on Thala Ajith’s 51st birthday, let’s take a look at 5 lesser-known facts about him that prove why his popularity is reaching a new height with each passing day. 

Die-hard motorsport and aeromodelling aficionado


Ajith Kumar is fascinated by racing and aeromodelling and loves to spend most of the time on it when not shooting for the film. The star usually takes time out of his busy life to train students in it. Did you know Ajith is among very few Indians to race in Formula championships? His passion for planes and flying is something that leaves us in awe always. 

No interviews, no paparazzi, no spotting, no dramas! 


The Tamil actor doesn’t believe in giving interviews or attending movie promotional events and he lets his work do all the talking. The way he markets his movie is way different. In fact, after wrapping up the last schedule of his film Valimai, Ajith headed on a solo bike ride. Interestingly, it was he who started the trend of movie promotions and he himself doesn’t promote his films. He is media-shy but everything has always worked in his favour. He keeps himself away from media and the paparazzi’s glare. 

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Entered the industry for a reason 


Ajith ventured into the cinema to clear the debts he incurred in a garment export venture gone awry. He used to work with a garment exporter and after 4 years, he quit to start a textile-processing agency. But he lost a lot of money in the business. To note, he was just 20 then. Fortunately, he got an offer from Poornachandra Rao of Lakshmi Production to act in a film titled Amaravati. However, it was shelved due to the director’s death. When he was on his sixth film Aasai, Ajith had no plans of continuing in the industry as he always wanted to clear debts. And Aasai became a big hit he never thought of. 

Racing accident 


The Valimai actor had met with a very serious accident after his first film and that forced him to put an end to motor racing too, his passion. He had injured his back and went through three major surgeries. He was bedridden for one-and-a-half years. Those were depressing days for him but he fought it all. The director passed away in front of him, the first film was shelved and then he met with a major accident but he has always been a fighter in life. He got Pavitra then with Nasser and Radhika which changed a lot in his life. He gave five consecutive flops in a year after the huge success of Aasai and Kaathal Kottai. A record that he never imagined. 

Ajith and Vijay, are supposed rivals for fans…


Ajith and Vijay, supposed rivals for fans, have shared the screen space in the iconic movie Rajavin Parvaiyile. Ajith had a short role in the movie where he played Vijay’s friend. They were expected to come together again in Vasanth’s Nerruku Ner, but that never happened due to other work commitments.

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