9 Books to Read If You Love Call the Midwife

As many fans of the charming British drama Call the Midwife know, the show is inspired by the real life stories of Jennifer Worth, who served as a midwife in London’s underprivileged East End in the 1950s. As the show winds its way toward the end of its 11th season (don’t worry, there are more bundles of joy on the way!), now is the perfect time to start stocking your shelves with fodder to keep you going between season. Here, we’ve rounded up not only the trio of memoirs that started it all, but also the other Midwife-themed books to fill your days with the adventures of Nonnatus House.

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Call the Midwife: A Memoir of Birth, Joy, and Hard Times (The Midwife Trilogy Book 1)

The book that started it all, Jennifer Worth’s first memoir covers the beginning of her time as a midwife, when the 22-year-old Jenny Lee moved to a convent in London’s East End to help the underserved mother of the district in their hour of need.

Call the Midwife: Shadows of the Workhouse (The Midwife Trilogy Book 2)

Much of London was still recovering from WWII when Jenny Lee began midwifing there in the 1950s, but the problems of the Victorian era still haunted the East End. In her second memoir, Worth looked at the long-lasting, traumatic impacts the workhouses had on the those who survived them.

Call the Midwife: Farewell to the East End (The Midwife Trilogy Book 3)

The last of Worth’s trio of memoirs covers territory that is sure to be a favorite of Call the Midwife viewers including the romance and marriage of fan-favorite Chummy.

Call the Midwife: A Labour of Love: Ten Years of Life, Love and Laughter

Not only does Stephen McGann play Doctor Turner on the beloved BBC show, he also authored this celebration of the show’s ten years on the air, featuring behind the scenes stories and reflections on the show from the cast and crew.

Jennifer Worth’s memoirs were an inspiration to fans even before the show. This collection pulls together the letter of many people who were touched by the books as well as some of Worth’s own writings and remembrances.

Part fictional journal of Call the Midwife‘s Doctor Turner, part examination the real life experiences of a district doctor of the time period, this book by the actor who plays Doctor Turner, Stephen McGann (and introduction by his wife and showrunner Heidi Thomas) is just the thing for the Midwife fan who’s constantly looking up the maladies that appear on the show.

The Midwife’s Sister: The Story of Call The Midwife’s Jennifer Worth by her sister Christine

Over the course of her memoirs, Jennifer Worth covered much of her life as a midwife in London, but this book by her sister Christine tells the untold stories of her life before and after her time in the East End.

The Wisdom of Call The Midwife: Words of love, loss, friendship, family and more, from the Sisters and midwives of Nonnatus House

Do you ever catch yourself wishing for a Sister Monica Joan or Sister Julienne to swoop in and provide you with inspiration? This book full of quotes from the beloved show is the next-best thing; keep it on hand for those times you need a Nonnatus-style pick-me-up.

Flesh & Blood History My Family Maladies

Playing a doctor on Call the Midwife isn’t just McGann’s day job, it’s also part of a passion for the history of medicine and its social ramifications. In this book, he explores his own family history through the lens of medical maladies, much like Call the Midwife examines evolution of health services through the lens of Poplar.

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