39 Translations From Inner Rage To Professional Slang To Have Things Your Way At Work, Shared By This TikToker

The work environment requires not only for us to be polite but also use professional jargon that can be confusing and not quite necessary. But that’s just corporate culture and people go with the flow, creating over the top, politically correct ways of saying things that in real life would be said as bluntly as possible to make sure the other person got it.

Not all of us have the gift of coming up with intricate ways of hiding their true feelings behind layers of seemingly respectful words that couldn’t offend people, but we have our virtual work bestie to help us.

She created a fun TikTok series in which she gives her colleague some phrases to translate into professional jargon and it is quite impressive how a casual phrase filled with annoyance can be turned to something sounding so civil.

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