30 Times Bosses Wrote Such Delusional Notes, These Employees Just Had To Shame Them Online

Financial expert and author Sam explained to Bored Panda that when it comes to work, it’s a never-ending activity with to end goal in sight. And ain’t that true! “There is always something new to create or something more to sell. Therefore, having an employee with a great attitude is the best,” he noted that a person’s attitude is incredibly important in the workplace.

“Bosses can inspire their employees by giving a damn as well! If the boss is always coming in on time, taking their subordinates out for lunch to see how they are doing, and works hard, employees will be inspired. And when employees are inspired, they will care more and do better work. It is a virtuous cycle,” he said that employees value their superiors spending their time with them and giving them attention. “Great bosses lead by example. They are not micromanagers either. Instead, they are honest about difficult situations, believe in their employees, support their employees, and engender trust.”

Bored Panda was interested to get Sam’s take on how different generations view work from a different angle. The ‘Financial Samurai’ founder told us that he’s a member of Gen X, turning 45 this summer, and this is the only generation that he knows very well. However, he did see oversee some younger employees at work.

“We grew up without the internet and now have the internet,” he said about Gen X. “I did manage a couple of employees who were 10 years younger than me, hence the millennial generation. One got in trouble because he felt entitled to a much larger bonus than $20,000 after his first year out of college! After he got his bonus, he refused to come to work for a week. That was an interesting situation,” he shared an unusual case of entitlement.

“It seems like more employees want to reach the corner office sooner, without putting in their dues. This may be perhaps due to the internet, social media, and how quickly information is disseminated. When you see someone on social media get super-rich quickly, you start feeling the same way too.

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