2nd Runner up Anjali Arora comments on Munawar Faruqui’s win

Stand-up comedian Munawar Faruqui won Lock Upp on the basis of massive public votes and makers’ collective decisions. In the final race, Munawar beat Payal Rohatgi and Anjali Arora and lifted the trophy. After the episode ended, Anjali was papped by the media photographers, and they asked her to react to Munawar’s victory. 

Anjali who has been close to Munawar in the house wished him for his future and said, “I’m very happy as Munawar won the show, he is deserving. I wish him good luck on his further journey.” 

Here’s the video

Anjali and Munawar have been quite close in the Lock Upp, and #Munjali was immensely popular on social media platforms. Last month, Munawar and Anjali were having their ‘whisper talks’ and Arora asked Faruqui if he will meet her after the show. Munawar’s cheeks glow, and he replied by asking ‘why he should meet her?’ Anjali asked him “pareshaan ho gaye?” Munawar agreed with Anjali and they both giggled. Arora told him that he won’t have to be bothered much, and then she said “I Love you,” and Munawar blushed. 

However, during the Ticket to Finale week, Munawar got the biggest setback from Anjali, as the latter planned against Faruqui, and kicked him out from the task. The ticket to finale task took place between two teams. Prince Narula, Munawar, Anjali and Saisha form a team, and Payal Rohatgi, Shivam Sharma, and Azma Fallah assemble another team. Munawar already planned their game with his team, but then during the task, Anjali and Saisha, Munawar’s closest confidantes in the house, changed the plan and shocked him by saying that they don’t him in their team. They eliminate him from the task, and he got shunned over their decision. 

Lock Upp aired 70 episodes in 10 weeks and garnered 500 million views. 

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