10 Best Actors To Play Spider-Man, According To Ranker

When it comes to the Spider-Man brand, fans are incredibly picky about who they want to play Peter Parker. Tom Holland is the incumbent actor in the role in live-action, while Jake Johnson, Yuri Lowenthal, and certain others continue to voice him in other media. All these portrayals have left fans taking their pick on which actor they like most.

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Voters on Ranker have cast thousands of votes on the actors and the version of Peter Parker’s Spider-Man they play across various media. Since these have come from fans worldwide, there’s no doubt about which portrayal the average viewer favors. Whether it’s Tom Holland’s boyish take on the character to Andrew Garfield’s more rebellious performance, it’s worth checking out which actors are the pick of the bunch.

10 Paul Soles

Spider-Man swinging in the city

At the height of the comic book Spider-Man’s popularity in the ‘60s, Paul Soles was the one who voiced the character when a TV series was commissioned. Ranker votes indicate more have voted down for this version, which could be due to the relatively hammy style of the series.

Soles’ portrayal of Spider-Man was rather stoic, which was in striking contrast to the show’s tone. He still did a commendable job in making Spider-Man appear tough, with Soles’ voice having a commanding presence. On the other hand, the way his version intimidate people is unlike most depictions of the character.

9 Josh Keaton

Spectacular Spider-Man smiling on a rooftop

The mix of action, mature themes, and frequent quips in Spectacular Spider-Man made it a popular show. Voice actor Josh Keaton has received more downvotes than up on Ranker, although this might just be because voters wanted to ensure their favorite actors remained on top.

Keaton has largely been praised for his work as Spider-Man, who sounds appropriately young and full of life. This version was a little uneven due to the frequent usage of comedy in stories that didn’t need it, but Keaton did the best he could with the material. Had the show gone on longer, it’s likely the actor would’ve landed higher.


8 Drake Bell

Spider-Man in the spotlight

Ultimate Spider-Man received mixed reviews from critics for the excessively comedic tone and low-stakes plot. However, voice actor Drake Bell received good reviews for playing up the material in the over-the-top manner with which it was written, delivering rapid-fire quips.

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This version of Spider-Man is most likely the one many grew up with in the recent generation, having appeared in his own series and several others to do with the Avengers and many other heroes. Like the previous entries, Bell’s version has also received more downvotes than up, but the positive reception is also notable.

7 Chris Pine


Not many will have thought that a Spider-Man story would be among the must-watch movies starring Chris Pine but that’s how it is in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Fans didn’t get to know Pine’s version as much since he was killed off to allow Miles Morales to become the next Spider-Man.

Pine’s portrayal has its fans for the way his performance garnered sympathy for this universe’s Spider-Man. While Ranker voters have given more downvotes, the good amount of upvotes shows that viewers would’ve liked to have seen more of him. It’s rare to see Chris Pine in such a role, too, so many would’ve liked this change from the norm for the actor.

6 Christopher Daniel Barnes

Peter Parker unmasked and smiling in Spider-Man The Animated Series

As far as the character’s history goes, the animated Spider-Man series ranks among the very best. Christopher Daniel Barnes will be instantly recognizable for viewers of the ‘90s, with his version of Spider-Man ushering in a boost in superhero material at the time.

Barnes’ performance carried the usual Spider-Man quips but also added some intensity since this Peter Parker was rougher around the edges. The protagonist himself can be frustrating to watch over how easily he gets defeated in the series, but he’s also the one that introduced major villains from the comics into mainstream television.

5 Yuri Lowenthal

Spider-Man taking a selfie

In terms of voice acting for a video, Yuri Lowenthal is likely the best actor to play Spider-Man. Having a celebrated list of credits already, Lowenthal brought a lot of heart to his portrayal. This version is a lot more sensitive, prone to emotional declarations and seeking paternal figures.

Lowenthal conveyed the struggle Peter goes through to mature as an adult, with his mentorship of Miles coming into play. The downside is that Lowenthal didn’t get to show off as much of Spider-Man’s more assertive qualities and many will remember him mostly for his sensitive aspects.

4 Jake Johnson

Peter Parker unmasked and talking in Spider-Man Into the Spider-VErse

It didn’t seem as if Spider-Man could come across as humane a character as he did in Into the Spider-Verse until Jake Johnson played him. The actor brought his signature quality to the role, with his version being a lazy smart mouth who nonetheless becomes Mile’s mentor from a different dimension.

Johnson’s performance was critically lauded for how he managed to make Spider-Man a fatherly figure, as the character was supposed to be much older than usually depicted. While Johnson heavily veered toward the comedic aspect of things, his version’s character development into regaining his heroic spirit is a heartwarming journey to follow.

3 Andrew Garfield

Peter Parker unmasks himself in front of the portal in Spider-Man No Way Home

Andrew Garfield had big shoes to fill when he took over from Tobey Maguire and did a commendable job. He’s unanimously praised for making a relatively mediocre duology interesting, as his Spider-Man battled less-than-stellar villains while his arc of falling in love with Gwen Stacy progressed.

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Garfield finally got a solid script with Spider-Man: No Way Home, where many felt he was the most appealing Spider-Man of the trio. The actor played the character much tougher than his live-action counterparts, with emphasis on Peter’s rebelliousness and tendency to hold on to his guilty conscience.

2 Tobey Maguire

Peter Parker unmasked and smiling at Doc Ock in Spider-Man No Way Home

Interestingly, Tobey Maguire is the name where the upvotes finally outnumber the downvotes, with an overwhelmingly positive reception from Ranker fans. He was the cultural face of Spider-Man for about a decade before Garfield took over and audiences loved his dorky but adorably take on the character.

Maguire played Spider-Man as something of a pushover who had to learn to be assertive without overstepping bounds through his powers. His geeky attitude and extremely kind nature made the character very likable, with a lot of credit going to the actor for pulling it off so well.

1 Tom Holland

Peter Parker unmasked and looking at the camera in Spider-Man Homecoming

There’s no doubt that being the current Spider-Man heavily factored in making Tom Holland the most-voted actor. However, there’s also the fact that he’s played Spider-Man the longest at a stretch and for more films than his counterparts, with the character’s popularity surging with each entry.

Holland masterfully brought a sweet, unsure, and loving take on Spider-Man, whose arc is defined by his search for father figures that ultimately developed him into taking responsibility for his own actions. Holland has excelled in everything from evoking Spider-Man’s occasional viciousness to his overall kindness and likability in order to be considered arguably the best actor to play the superhero yet.

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